Series 12 Episode 15

Series: 12
Episode: 15
Vehicle: 1956 Citro├źn HY Van

Episode 15

Work Completed: Standard engine swapped with 2.1L Ford unit, trafficators refurbished by replacing original ones with British ones with LEDs, rusty bodywork treated and resprayed to white, standard transmission swapped with synchromesh unit from later HY Van, inverter charger, auxiliary battery and additional 240V electronics fitted, additional support braces, insulation and hygienic panels installed, headlight bulbs changed with modern units, interior refurbished, modern seatbelts fitted and wheels refurbished.

Notes: Purchased from a collector in southern France as a barn find that was used as a commercial vehicle. The replacement Ford engine is a bored-out 2.0 litre engine from a Ford Transit. Converted into a modern commercial vehicle. Restored car taken to a garlic farm in Isle of Wight.