Series 3 Episode 11 & 12

Series: 3
Episode: 11 & 12
Vehicle: 1978 Porsche 928

Episode 11

Episode 12

Work Completed: Full body respray to original Cocoa color, replaced headlight switch and all 4 brake calipers and pads, fitted a new battery, changed the engine oil and oil filter, repaired dents on driver’s side door and rear wing, changed aftermarket BBS rims to refurbished factory “tele-dial” rims with brand new Goodyear tyres.

Notes: Originally purchased as a non-running unit with no MOT and no service records. Sold at asking price with a full tank of petrol.

Series 3 Episode 9 & 10

Series: 3
Episode: 9 & 10
Vehicle: 1990 Mazda MX-5″

Episode 9

Episode 10

Work Completed: Replaced convertible hood and interior, installed chrome trim around the interior door handles and airvents, fitted a metal gearknob and handbrake handle, fitted chrome MX-5 kickplates, fitted a new chrome mesh grille, fitted a new aerial, installed a performance air filter and chassis braces, repaired and repainted corroded A-pillar, stock alloys upgraded to 15″ white Enkei factory units from the second generation (NB) model.

Notes: Mike showed a selling technique by buying the car in the winter and selling the car during the more sunnier months to capitalize on the convertible aspects of the car.

Series 3 Episode 7 & 8

Series: 3
Episode: 7 & 8
Vehicle: 1989 Range Rover Vogue SE

Episode 7

Episode 8

Work Completed: Replaced tailgate, nearside rear door and roof lining changed, automatic transmission fluid, gearbox oil filter, gearbox oil sump gasket and airflow meter replaced.

Notes: Originally planned for LPG conversion, but cancelled due to MOT failure and conversion costs. The fifth loss on a sale since the show started. Also the smallest loss in the series as of now.

Series 3 Episode 5 & 6

Series: 3
Episode: 5 & 6
Vehicle: 1987 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3-16 Cosworth

Episode 5

Episode 6

Work Completed: Replaced cassette player head unit with CD player, keeping the original in the boot of the car in case the new owner wanted to replace it, replaced the front track rod ends, refitted the loose bumper trim, hydraulic suspension replaced with uprated conventional units, exhaust components replaced, fitted new Toyo tyres on all corners and adjusted the wheel alignment and tracking.

Notes: Was a former company car. The fourth loss on a sale since the show started.

Series 3 Episode 3 & 4

Series: 3
Episode: 3 & 4
Vehicle: 1989 Lancia Delta HF Integrale 8v

Episode 3

Episode 4

Work Completed: Replaced front brake discs and pads, front suspension tracks rods & rubber bushes for urethane units, battery, alternator, radiator, grille with a new HF badge, pedal covers, door mirrors, carpets, gearstick, wheel centre caps, red paint deep polished, refitted the steering column cowling and a mini-service done including changing the oil, replacing the oil filter, fitting new spark plugs and a new air filter.

Notes: Acquired through eBay. Originally a non-running unit with a rare factory right-hand drive conversion and no MOT. The car was found on classic car website.

Series 3 Episode 1 & 2

Series: 3
Episode: 1 & 2
Vehicle: 1989 Volkswagen Transporter T3

Episode 1

Episode 2

Work Completed: Fixed sliding door and fitted window, fitted a new rear bumper, replaced the glowplugs, fitted a new fanbelt, changed the engine oil, replaced the oil filter, lowered suspension, fitted new plywood lining panels, rock and roll bed, installed camper van appliances, repaired a dent in the nearside rear quarter panel, full-body vinyl wrap, painted interior light blue, added artificial grass carpeting and fitted a new exhaust, moondisc hubcaps and a new front VW badge.

Notes: Original plan was to purchase and restore a Type 2. T3 works van converted to mini mobile home. First use of a full-body vinyl wrap instead of a respray. First diesel engine in the series. Acquired from a friend of Mike’s. The car was bought by Edd, this was the third and largest loss on a sale since the show started. Later bought by one of the cameramen who worked on the show.